Scott Mayer
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Jim Clifton
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Thomas Brown
The Partners and Broker Associates at Mayer & Clifton Partners have over 75 years of combined real estate and financing expertise.
As a direct result of their professional service and high level of competence, the professionals at Mayer & Clifton Partners are highly regarded among the leading investors, developers and owners of commercial real estate in Northern California, as well as across the country.  In addition to the respect we have earned with our borrower and investor clients, our professional nature and proven execution capabilities has allowed us to create enduring relationships with many of the leading financial institutions across the country, including banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, and Wall Street firms.  Our deep industry knowledge, immense skill set, and proven track record of success has placed the professionals at Mayer & Clifton Partners among the preeminent real estate investment banking firms in the country.

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